Rules & Policy

Rules Policy Relevant To Action Challenge Matches

Before participating in an Action Monster Smackdown (AMS) challenge match via the Action Pool Club, it should be clearly understood that these events are geared strictly towards serious competitors only. AMS definition of ‘Action’. To compete vs. another player for some sort of profit exchange.

A member is allowed to challenge another member in any format at anytime he/she wishes. In cases where an approved match is already pending the next official challenge request issued will be put through after completion. All requests will be done on a first come first in basis.

All challenge requests MUST be done via the Action Pool Club online at Approved matches will be scheduled in order of request.

A player is not allowed to compete vs. his/her opponent before the official date of their scheduled challenge match. Some exceptions may apply.

In an AMS match the challenger is entitled to choose the format of game while the opponent is guaranteed the first three breaks. Some exceptions may apply.

There are three types of participants in an AMS event, the newbie, the fish and the shark. Definition of a ‘NEWBIE’: A player who has yet to play a single match. Definition of a ‘FISH’: A player who has lost more than fifty percent of his/her challenge matches. Definition of a ‘SHARK’: A player who has won more than fifty percent of his/her challenge matches.

An administration fee will be applied to all challenge matches. This is mandatory and nonnegotiable.

Players are responsible for their own green fees. The Action Pool Club may try to negotiate for discounted time slots however this is not guaranteed.

You may only become a member if another member recommends you or via invitation issued directly from the club. Please note, all request must first be approved and we unequivocally reserve the right to refuse any membership for any reason we deem fit without explanation.

Players who refuse more than two consecutive challenges will automatically have their membership revoked for the duration of one year. There are some exceptions however, please note, this club is for SERIOUS COMPETITORS only so EITHER PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

All match ups within one skill level will be played even. Some match ups may require a handicap. Note, based on our standard games and/or balls may be given, however players may negotiate additional terms once a challenge match has been approved. Keep in mind however, all player negotiations are independent of the Action Pool Club.

An open challenge can be made/accepted by any member from within the club. In these cases only, handicaps are legitimately negotiable outside of the standards we currently offer.

Many of these challenge matches will be streamed/recorded live. In some cases we will be marketing the players for promotional purposes. It should be understood clearly that all media taken during an event automatically becomes the property of the Action Pool Club and will be used in any way we deem necessary to promote its growth.

Hosting locations and tables will be chosen by an Action Pool Club representative. In some situations both players may request a different table however the following must be upheld:

  1. Must be a regulation size table with regular or pro-cut pockets.
  2. Must be in an area where live stream equipment can be setup to provide coverage if necessary.

A penalty will apply if a player chooses to opt out of an approved challenge match without a logical explanation. During the penalty phase a player may be suspended for a fixed period of time. Some exceptions may apply. Remember, this club is for serious competitors only.

Sportsmanship Conduct

  • No friends and family members are allowed around the match area during play.
  • No deliberate delay of game.
  • Breaks must be taken on your turn at the table.
  • Five minutes personal break per player per match hour. Note, this does not pertain to bathroom breaks.
  • No texting or phone calls during match play.
  • Exceptions, you may do so on your own personal break or while your opponent is racking the balls.
  • Any form of sharking will not be tolerated.

Who’s Eligible To Play

Any skill level player can become eligible to participate in the Action Pool Club as long as the following requirements are met.

  • Must have received an official invite from a player or the club.
  • Must be willing to follow all rules and policies associated with the club.
  • Club must be able to handicap his/her skill level in such a way that allows for fair competition.

Game Rules

Standard and modified CSI game rules will apply. Exceptions: Mandatory rack your own and winner breaks. Players are expected to call all shots in 8-ball, call all shots and safes in 10-ball and call the 9-ball in our 9-ball format.


A handicap is initiated only if a player is two or more levels above his/her opponent. Please see chart below. Note, if a player is within one level of his/her opponent’s skill level the before mentioned will not apply and hence both players will have to play even in a set race.


A competitor has the right to recommend an official referee for his/her match. Once a ref has been requested, all calls become final with him/her.

Game Formats

Our standard game formats are 8-ball, 9-ball and 10 ball. However, a player may introduce another format for a specific challenge but it must first be approved by the director of the Action Pool Club. These formats may include; one pocket, straight pool, 7-ball or 15-ball rotation.