BCAPL World Championships

About This Event

Every year, thousands of pool players gather in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the BCAPL World Championships, one of the largest amateur pool events worldwide. This event, spanning roughly two weeks, offers close to one million dollars in cash and prizes.

Beyond the competition, attendees can explore a vast expo featuring manufacturers, retailers, and custom cue makers, showcasing thousands of billiard products for trial and purchase.

The championships offer a variety of game formats, including singles and team competitions in 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball. The event also hosts professional tournaments with top global players, providing fans the chance to meet some of their favorite pool pros.

Win a Trip to Las Vegas

Earning a spot at the BCAPL World Championships in Vegas might be easier than you think. The Mega qualification process is simpler compared to many other leagues.

Who’s Eligible?

If you’re an active member with at least 20 match scores, you can qualify for the Megabucks annual Local Singles Championships (LSC). Start by playing in our league at a local venue near you. We have three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall, with Spring being the first opportunity each year to qualify for the BCAPL World Championships in Vegas.

Qualifying is somewhat easier because it partly depends on your overall performance in any session. However, it’s important to note that Spring qualifiers need to participate in both the Summer and Fall seasons to maintain their qualification. Similarly, Summer qualifiers must play in the Fall season to stay eligible.

How Do You Earn A Spot?

In each season, the top four players from every division automatically qualify for the Local Singles Championships (LSC). With various divisions in our league, players securing a top-four spot more than once within a league year will have their initial qualification for the LSC recognized, with subsequent qualifications passed down to the next eligible player. This ensures a single player doesn’t hold multiple spots.

Additionally, players have the opportunity to qualify through our mini singles board tournaments, where 8 competitors battle for a place in the LSC. Winners from these boards don’t have to pay additional fees during the LSC, unlike other participants.

The LSC takes place annually, typically in the first month of the year, over two days with a double-elimination format. Competitors are divided into tiers based on their skill levels and vie for a chance to win a free trip to the BCAPL World Championships in Vegas. The tiers are:

Silver Tier for skill levels M2-M5.
Gold Tier for skill levels M6 and M7.
Platinum Tier for skill levels M8-GM.
This weekend-long event, from Saturday morning to Sunday night, requires at least 32 participants, with winners emerging from all tiers.

What Happens When You Win A Trip To Vegas?

For members qualifying through the LSC, the league will assist with relevant expenses, contributing towards airfare, accommodation, and event entry fees.

In addition, as a Megabucks-affiliated BCAPL member, you’ll enjoy access to:

  • A variety of mini 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments.
  • Numerous billiard exhibitors.
  • Exclusive discounts at selected shows and restaurants.
  • An array of Pro-Am celebrity events.
  • On-site services for custom cue repairs.
  • Complimentary table time day and night, subject to availability.
  • The World 10-ball championships to watch your favorite pro players.
  • Scotch doubles and second chance events.

Additionally, BCAPL members staying at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino will receive special benefits, including:

  • Waived resort fees exclusively for BCAPL members during the world championships. Check with the front desk for details.
  • Complimentary valet or self-parking.
  • Free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby and casino floor. Wi-Fi is available in rooms for an extra charge; contact the front desk for more information.
  • No fee for early check-out, provided you give 24 hours’ notice.

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