BCAPL World Championships

About This Event

The BCAPL World Championships is an annual culmination of all sanctioned entities within the CSI community. Thousands of pool players converge on Las Vegas Nevada each year to participate in arguably one of the world’s largest amateur pool-related event. The entire proceedings last for about two weeks and payout close to one million dollars in cash and prizes.

In addition to the amateur draw, the event also features a countless amount of manufacturers, retailers, and custom cue makers. Thousands of billiard related products are put on display for the pool enthusiasts to test out and purchase.

The BCAPL World Championships incorporates optional formats like 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball for singles and team play. Additionally, a lot of world-class pro tournaments featuring some of the top professionals from around the globe, are run simultaneously during this event. As a result, the opportunity to meet your favorite pro pool player is almost inevitable.

Free Trip To Las Vegas

Winning a trip to the BCAPL World Championships in Vegas is not as difficult as you may think. The qualifications required in Mega are much simpler than most leagues.

Who’s Eligible?

Active members with a minimum of 20 match scores can earn a qualification via the Megabucks annual Local Singles Championships (LSC’s).
The first step is to play in one of our league locations within your local area. There are three sessions per year, the Spring Summer, and Fall. The Spring session is the first session of each league year and the first chance to earn a qualifying spot to play at the BCAPL World Championships in Vegas. 

Because one of the qualification methods involve how you finished overall in a given session, it makes earning a qualifying spot a little easier. Please note, anyone who qualifies in the Spring, must also play in the Summer and Fall sessions to keep their qualification, and similarly, anyone who qualifies in the Summer must also play in the Fall to remain eligible.

How Do You Earn A Spot?

Each Session, the top four finishers from each division will receive an automatic qualification to play in the Local Singles Championships. There are multiple divisions within the league. If a player finishes via the top four more than once during the league year, only his first qualification to the LSC will be accepted. The other will be awarded to the next person in line. This is because one person may not occupy two qualifying spots.

Players may also earn a spot by winning one of our mini singles board tournament. A mini singles board consists of 8 players competing for a spot in the LSC’s. Winners of a singles board are not required to pay any additional greens during the LSC’s. Everyone else does.

The LSC’s are held once a year. It usually occurs in the first month of the calendar year, lasts for about two days, and incorporates a double-elimination format from start to finish. Members compete versus their tiers for a chance to win our FREE MEGA trip to the BCAPL World Championships. The Tiers are as follows:

  • Silver Tier – Consisting of players with skill levels M2-M5.
  • Gold Tier – Consisting of players with skill levels M6 and M7.
  • Platinum Tier – Consisting of players with skill levels M8-GM+.

The LSC’s runs for an entire weekend from Saturday morning to the following Sunday night. It requires a minimum of 32 participants and winners are accepted from all three tiers.

What Happens When You Win A Trip To Vegas?

Winners of the LSC’s will receive the 100% covered MEGA TRIP package to play in Las Vegas. The package includes:

  • Free 7-8 nights Room and Board at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas.
  • Free round trip air tickets to Vegas and back.
  • Free admission to the BCAPL World Championships.
  • Free admission to compete in two formats, singles 8-ball and 9-ball.

Also as a Megabucks sanctioned BCAPL member you will have access to:

  • Hundreds of mini 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments.
  • Countless billiard exhibitors.
  • Special discounts on shows and restaurants.
  • A wide range of Pro-Am celebrity events.
  • On-site custom cue repairs.
  • Free table time throughout the entire day and night. Based on table availability.
  • The World 10-ball championships where you can check out your favorite pro.
  • Scotch doubles events.
  • Second chance events.

Furthermore, all BCAPL members who stay at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino can benefit from:

  • No resort fees. Available only to BCAPL members attending the world championships. Please see the front desk should you have any questions.
  • Free valet or self-parking.
  • Free Wi-Fi in Hotel Lobby and on the Casino floor. Note, Wi-Fi is also available in all rooms but at an additional cost. Please see the front desk for further details.
  • No early check-out fee (with 24-hour notice).

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