Player Handicap System

Fair Play and Accurate Handicaps: How The Megabucks Amateur Pool League Levels the Playing Field

At the Megabucks Amateur Pool League, we believe in fair competition and creating a level playing field for all our members. That’s why we utilize the Equivalent Race System (ERS®) along with the FargoRate system to determine the handicap levels of our participating players.

The Equivalent Race System ensures that players, regardless of their skill level, can compete against each other equally. It calculates what a lower-skilled player needs to have a real shot at winning. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of competition, no matter their ability.

If you’re new to the league, you’ll start with a skill level of zero for your first three matchups. During this time, players with a skill level of zero will play against their first three opponents on an even playing field. This allows us to establish a temporary rank for you. Keep in mind that it usually takes around ten-match scores to accurately solidify a player’s handicap.

In matchups between established players, we may give handicap spots to the lower-skilled player. This can mean providing extra balls or games to even out the competition. You can find all the specific details in our Megabucks Rules Booklet.

Now, let’s talk about the FargoRate System. It’s an amazing tool that accurately measures a player’s skill level in relation to others worldwide. Whether you’re an elite professional or a beginner in a local league, your rating is determined based on your actual performance. We’ve moved away from outdated methods and embraced this simple mathematical approach for fairness.

FargoRate rates pool players on the same global scale, considering the games won and lost against opponents with known ratings. It calculates optimum set of ratings, also known as maximum likelihood ratings, that best predict the outcome of games among all players. So you can be confident that your rating accurately reflects your abilities.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the FargoRate system, you can visit or for more information.

We’re excited to have you as part of the Megabucks Amateur Pool League, where fair play and friendly competition go hand in hand. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to ensure you have an amazing pool experience!


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