About The MBA

The Megabucks Billiard Academy (MBA) uses PBIA recognized instructors in all listed curriculums. The MBA provides training on a wide variety of courses relevant to beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. All courses are accompanied by the following format:

1. Education: Topics are explained thoroughly via lecture, written text and pictorial illustrations.
2. Demonstration: Live examples are provided where necessary.
3. Practice. Player practice is mandatory and enforced in all sessions.
4. Assignments: All course work comes with assignments that are mandatory.
5. Examination: All enlisted students are required to take a mandatory demonstrational exam before graduating the program. Topics included will be incorporated from the entire course curriculum.

At MBA we strive to deliver the highest level of training to those who pass through our gates. Our highly qualified and recognized PBIA instructors work tirelessly to produce desirable programs and challenging drills to help the incoming student elevate their game on a positive and consistent basis throughout the course. In addition to focusing on knowledge and drills, we at MBA also believe any athlete who wishes to take their skills to the next level will also need to learn more about themselves. Knowing ones limitations and abilities can be a huge advantage on the journey to becoming a better player.

Open enrollment to our MBA courses is delivered during three annual semesters which run simultaneously with the spring, fall and summer sessions of the Megabucks Amateur Pool League.
For more information about the courses we offer, see our Curriculum page.

Why Study or Train with US

We believe that a cue sport education is one of the best investments you will ever make towards improving your game. It demonstrates a level of commitment towards understanding the sport, a dedication to skill development and proven knowledge that hard work always pays off. At MBA our courses target specific roles within the skill set required for a person’s consistent improvement and development. We provide detailed explanations and demonstrations as well as a wide range of relevant materials required to take your game to the next level.