Director's Message

Message From The Director

I started playing pool at an early age and used it as a pass time to socialize with friends. Once my skills improved and my knowledge for the sport developed beyond that of a beginner, I decided to expand my foundation and in doing so formed what is now called the Megabucks Amateur Pool League (MAPL).

From the inception of the MAPL I made one thing eminently clear, this ongoing event would be used as a vehicle to help make a difference in the lives of others. Unlike other leagues currently operating around the NYC area, the MAPL has fulfilled many goals by having a huge impact on the modern pool community and by reaching out to others within its society. However, even with all of our accomplishments, we believe more can be done and more is exactly what the Megabucks Children’s Charity is all about.

I worked for 10 years at a Not-for-Profit Organization in NYC and during my tenure, I learned an invaluable lesson. The facility was designed for children with special needs, but for this discussion I will only focus on the ones that had cancer. Almost every month I would meet a different child on the elevator while riding up to my office. One day I asked one of the accompanying nurses, “how is it we host so few beds for so many children?” “I thought our organization was too small and incapable.” Her reply was, “we didn’t.” She explained that some of the children I had seen prior had passed on and as a protocol, another child had taken the vacancy and that this pattern was very consistent. Upon hearing that my heart dropped and I could not help but feel sad and powerless. At that moment It was painfully clear to me that death fears no one and the innocence of a young child was not an exception.

Today as a father I am thankful for the health of my children, but realized the story above could have easily been about my own and like the others who support the Megabucks Children’s Charity, I will not settle for feeling powerless anymore. I do understand that we cannot help every child in need and though the journey seems impossible, we are ready and willing to try. As members of the pool community, we are calling on all billiard enthusiasts to join us in this fight. Let’s join forces to help make a difference in the world of some child by PLAYING A MATCH TO HELP US SAVE A LIFE.

V. Morris