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It’s Always A Good Time To Refer A New Member To The MAPL!

Members can earn a $25 credit by recruiting a new member to join the MAPL. Credits are applicable toward your next membership renewal or weekly green fees.

Ready to earn $25?

  1. Tell a friend, a coworker, or family member about the excellent benefits of playing in the Megabucks Amateur Pool league, and encourage them to join.
  2. So that you get credit, ask the new member to mention you in the “Referred by” space in their online application.

That’s all there is to it!


Q: Do new members need to participate for the entire session to count toward a Membership Referral credit?

A: As long as an individual has completed the league’s registration process, they will automatically generate a Membership Referral credit for the member who referred them.

Q: How will the MAPL know who referred a new member?

A: After a new member has registered, a Referral Reciept Form must be submitted to receive eligible credits. This form can be submitted by the new member or the person who referred them. The MAPL Office logs all referral receipts that it receives. The MAPL can assign the referral credit only if the new member or referrer completes this form with the information requested. If the new member mentions more than one referrer, the first person named will receive the credit.

Q: How can I use my Membership Referral credit?

A: You can apply your Membership Referral credit toward either your next membership renewal or your weekly league dues. Note: The Membership Referral credit has no cash equivalent and cannot be used for any other purpose or substituted for any other prize.)

Q: How do I redeem my Membership Referral credit?

A: Members who earn Membership Referral credits will receive an email from the MAPL notifying them of their credit(s) and how to redeem it.

Q: How long will the Membership Referral Program be active?

A: The program is active all year round. Any changes in this program will be communicated to all members.

Other questions?

If you have other questions about our referral program, please contact us.


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