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Megabucks Local Singles Championships

The Megabucks Local Singles Championships (LSC) serve as your gateway to the Las Vegas BCAPL World Championships, a pinnacle event where thousands of pool enthusiasts gather annually. Recognized as one of the largest billiards exhibitions globally, the event distributes nearly a million dollars in cash and prizes each year to both individual and team competitors from around the world. The level of amateur competition at this event is unparalleled.

For members who qualify through the LSC, the league generously assists with all related expenses, including airfare, accommodation, and event entry fees, offering participants the choice to compete in 8-ball, 9-ball, or 10-ball categories. To be eligible for the LSC, members must secure their spot either through divisional rankings or by winning a local singles board tournament.

Megabucks Coed Singles Championship

The Coed Singles Championship (CSC) stands as one of the most prestigious Mega titles available. Held at the conclusion of each league season, it features multiple divisions and showcases some of the league’s top talent.

Our Express Tournaments Are The Best!

These tournaments are typically completed within a single day. The structure is designed so that the director can predict the approximate end time of the tournament before the first match begins. The Mega Express Tournament format guarantees each participant a chance to compete in at least three round-robin matches before facing elimination. Available formats include 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball.

Masters Marathon Tournament

The Masters Marathon stands out as the most intense and competitive tournament in our entire event roster. It challenges participants with a rigorous examination of their skills and endurance. Open to all league players, this event aims to identify and honor the most outstanding and well-rounded MAPL pool player of the league year.

The event format is exclusive, featuring only 16 players who compete across six different disciplines. As an open event, there are no handicaps applied. The event structure is detailed as follows:

  • Race to 21 in 7-ball
  • Race to 21 in 8-ball
  • Race to 21 in 9-ball
  • Race to 21 in 10-ball
  • Race to 210 in straight pool
  • Race to 7 in one pocket
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