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Megabucks Local Singles Championships

The Megabucks Local Singles Championships (LSC) is the ticket to competing in the Las Vegas BCAPL World Championships. Thousands of pool players converge on Nevada each year in Vegas at the Rio All-Suite hotel to compete in what is now one of the world’s largest billiard exhibitions. The event pays out close to a million dollars in cash and prizes annually to singles and team participants and host players worldwide. The amateur competition in this event is second to none.

For members who get qualified via the LSC, the league will cover all expenses regarding airfare, room/board, and admission to the event with options for playing 8ball, 9ball, or 10ball. To become eligible for the LSC, members must first qualify via divisional status or a local singles board tournament.

Megabucks Coed Singles Championship

The coed singles championship is one of the most coveted of all Mega titles. It is hosted at the end of every league season and incorporates various divisions, with some of the league’s best players emerging from each.

Our Express Tournaments Are The Best!

These tournaments are usually conducted in one day. They’re structured in such a way that the director can indicate before the start of the very first match the approximate time the entire tournament will come to a close. The Mega Express Tournament format allows for every participant the opportunity to play a minimum of three round-robin matches before being eliminated. Formats offered include 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball.

Masters Marathon Tournament

Our annual Masters Marathon is by far the most competitive tournament event of our entire lineup. Participants are put through a grueling test of skill and stamina. This event is open to any player who participates in the league and is geared toward one objective, to crown the best and most complete all-round MAPL pool player for that league year.

The format consists of only 16 players playing six different disciplines. It is an open event meaning there no handicaps. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Race to 21 in 7-ball
  • Race to 21 in 8-ball
  • Race to 21 in 9-ball
  • Race to 21 in 10-ball
  • Race to 210 in straight pool
  • Race to 7 in one pocket
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