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Here Are Some Answers To Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Question: What happens if an opponent does not show up for a match or on time on league night?
  • Answer: The person currently on location is entitled to take an automatic win via forfeit. They will also have the option of rescheduling the original match should they choose not to take a win via forfeit.
  • Question: Can anyone who plays in the APA also play in this league?
  • Answer: Yes, our format currently supports APA skill levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and above.
  • Question: How do I reschedule a match?
  • Answer: You’ll need to make a direct request by calling/texting/emailing or speaking to the opponent with whom you wish to do a makeup. See also Future Matches, League Moves, and Swaps in the Megabucks Rules Booklet.
  • Question: Where do I go to see my stats or current standings?
  • Answer: All stats and standings are available via the member’s area on our pool players community at Login credentials will be required to access this area. All information therein will be updated as soon as new information is generated.
  • Question: Are jump shots allowed in this league?
  • Answer: Yes, It may be performed with your shooting cue or a standard jump cue. Breaking down your cue to perform a shot with only the shaft will be considered a foul and ball in hand will be awarded to your opponent. A foul will also apply if the cue ball is scooped during execution.
  • Question: What’s the duration of this league?
  • Answer: 12 – 16 weeks. Weeks 15 and 16 are allocated for the playoffs. Playoffs will be done in house and on the same night/day as your regular league play.
  • Question: What makes this league stand out from others?
  • Answer: With our advanced ERS format and points system, we’ve proven over the years that anyone, regardless of skill, can win.
  • Question: Is there a greens fee charge on every league night?
  • Answer: Yes. Members also have the option of paying up their entire session in full.
  • Question: Does a member have to participate every week to be eligible for the wildcard draw.
  • Answer: All members are required to participate in no less than 12 weeks in a session to be eligible for the wildcard draw.
  • Question: What happens if (for any reason) a member is unable to come in to play a match?
  • Answer: It is that member’s responsibility to notify his/her opponent and league representative. Note, if your opponent is already on location and you cannot be available for some reason, he/she will have the option of taking a win via forfeit. You in turn will be allocated an automatic loss for the match. Please note, your opponent can also choose to do a makeup with you. See the rules booklet for more details.
  • Question: How many points are given for a win via forfeit?
  • Answer: Ten points (10) are awarded to a player who wins via forfeit.
  • Question: How many points are given for a loss via forfeit?
  • Answer: Three points (3) are awarded to a player who losses via forfeit.
  • Question: Are there any age requirements in this league.
  • Answer: Yes, you must be twenty-one or older to participate.
  • Question: How are scores inputted and what are the turnaround times before viewing online?
  • Answer: All scores are inputted digitally online. You will be responsible for inputting your scores on league nights. This can be done via any Smartphone or tablet. As a standard, all inputted scores will be available for viewing on the following Monday after input. Please note, assistance will be available should you need it.
  • Question: If I’m a beginner what chance of winning do I have in a league that is so competitive?
  • Answer: Every skill level in this league has won the championship at some point or another since its inception.
  • Question: What type of player awards does the league offer each session?
  • Answer: Awards include cash, trophies/plaques, and sponsored trips.
  • Question: Aside from the frequently asked questions section. Where can I find answers to other rules related inquiries?
  • Answer: Answers to other league related inquiries are available on our game rules page. View Here.

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