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FAQs for the Megabucks Amateur Pool League

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  • Question: What is the procedure if an opponent fails to appear on time for a scheduled match during league night?
  • Answer: If an opponent is absent or late, the player present is granted an automatic victory by forfeit. However, if they prefer not to accept the forfeit win, they can opt to reschedule the match.
  • Question: Are APA members eligible to participate in this league?
  • Answer: Absolutely. Our league welcomes APA members with skill levels from 1 to 9.
  • Question: How can a match be rescheduled?
  • Answer: To reschedule, contact your opponent directly via call, text, email, or in-person conversation. For further guidance, refer to the sections on Future Matches, League Moves, and Swaps in our rules booklet.
  • Question: Where can I view my statistics or league standing?
  • Answer: Player stats and league standings are accessible in the members’ section on our website at You will need your login details to access this area, with updates provided as new data becomes available.
  • Question: Are jump shots permitted in league play?
  • Answer: Yes, jump shots are allowed using either your playing cue or a designated jump cue. However, using just the shaft for a jump shot is considered a foul, as is scooping the cue ball, resulting in a ball-in-hand for the opponent.
  • Question: What is the length of the league season?
  • Answer: The league runs for 12 to 16 weeks, with the final two weeks reserved for playoff matches, held on the same night as regular play.
  • Question: What differentiates this league from others?
  • Answer: Our league stands out thanks to our innovative ERS format and points system, which ensures a competitive chance for players of all skill levels.
  • Question: Is there a greens fee for league nights?
  • Answer: Yes, a greens fee is applicable each league night, but members can pay the entire session’s fees upfront.
  • Question: Must a member play every week to qualify for the playoffs?
  • Answer: Members need to participate in at least 12 weeks of a session to be eligible for the playoffs.
  • Question: What should members do if they cannot attend a scheduled match?
  • Answer: Members are responsible for informing their opponent and the league coordinator. If an opponent is already present, they may claim a forfeit win, assigning an automatic loss to the absent member, although a rescheduled match is also an option. For more information, consult the rules booklet.
  • Question: How many points are awarded for a win or loss by forfeit?
  • Answer: A win by forfeit grants ten points, while a loss by forfeit awards three points.
  • Question: Are there any age restrictions for league participants?
  • Answer: Participants must be twenty-one years old to join the league.
  • Question: How and when are scores updated online?
  • Answer: Players must enter scores digitally on league nights using any smart device. All scores submitted are typically viewable by the following Monday. Assistance is available for those who need it.
  • Question: As a beginner, what are my chances of winning in such a competitive league?
  • Answer: Players of every skill level have won championships in our league since its inception, demonstrating competitive opportunities for all.
  • Question: What types of awards does the league provide each session?
  • Answer: The league offers various awards, including cash prizes, trophies/plaques, and sponsored trips.

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