POOL 301M – The Complete Course

The materials within this course cover all aspects of the game as it relates to the beginner, intermediate and advance player. Beginners will be provided with a solid foundation upon which they will be able to enhance their skill set consistently over time. Intermediate players who already have some knowledge of the game will benefit from the strong structural procedures involved in developing a consistent means of practice.

Advance candidates who are at a stand still with their current skill set will be able to get over that hump and advance to the next level in their game.

Note: Upon completion of this course qualified participants will be presented with a certification from the Megabucks Billiard Academy. 

POOL 201M – The Art of Good Fundamentals

The single most important fact in cue sport, that which separates the average amateurs from great players is good fundamentals. No matter the level of competition, without good fundamentals a player will cease to improve beyond a certain point. We understand this at Megabucks Billiard Academy (MBA) and it is for that reason why we consider this course one of the most valued among the bunch. We encourage all skill level players to partake in this curriculum if they truly intend on taking their games to the next level.

POOL 202M – The Art of Shot Making

Fundamental pre-shot routines can become invaluable to a player who wishes to increase his or her consistency in the area of pure shot making. This course helps to develop a player’s routine and teaches them the techniques necessary to perform almost all of the major shots in the game of pool.

POOL 203M – The Art of Position Play

Controlling cue ball position is the most important thing you can learn once you understand the basics of aiming and making shots. It is what separates the beginners who can run one or two balls, the intermediate players who can run 5-7 balls and the masters who seem to never miss.

This course breaks down the understanding of fundamental positioning that when combined, will massively improve your ability to control the cue ball so you can have longer runs. What’s more amazing about this course is, the techniques taught are not flashy. As a matter of fact we at Megabucks Billiard Academy (MBA) believe that the key to good position play is trying to keep things as simple as possible.

POOL 204M – The Art of Defensive Play

Sometimes the only thing that separates two great players in a match is how accurately either can execute a good safety. This course covers a variety of basic and advance safety plays and also dives into the questions of when and when not to use them.

POOL 204M – The Art of Breaking

One of the most important but often overlooked shots in pool is the break. Having the knowledge and skill required to control the break will vastly improve your competitive wins. In this course, all known break formats and techniques will be explored.